Huntington Ammunition Reloading

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   Forster Reference Tables

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Ordering chart for
Forster "Original" Case Trimmer [PDF]

Original Case Trimmer Collet Step Dimensions [PDF]
Collets and Pilots for
Forster "Classic 50" Case Trimmer [PDF]

Classic Case Trimmer Collet Step Dimensions [PDF]

RCBS Reference Tables

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.50 BMG dies [PDF]
AmmoMaster / Piggyback II shell plates [PDF]
Auto 4x4 shell plates [PDF]
Bullet mould data [PDF]
Bullet moulds [PDF]
    Rifle           Pistol
    Cowboy     Silhouette
    Minie         Round Ball
    North-South Skirmish
Case trimmer collets
Competition Dies [PDF]
Cowboy Dies and parts [PDF]
Die Reference Chart [PDF]
Group A dies
Group B dies
Group C dies
Group D dies
Group E dies
Group F dies
Group X dies
Little Dandy Rotor Charge Table [PDF]
Neck expander dies [PDF]
Replacement parts
Shell holder chart for trim dies [PDF]
Shell holder table [PDF]
Special bullet moulds [PDF]
Trim Dies for Group B [PDF]
Trim Pro single holder part #
Trim Pro shell holder pack and part #

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