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RCBS Group D Reloading Dies are the best in the world and the standard for the industry. Bottleneck Rifle Cartridges.

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26 Nosler

Group D
Shell holder #38

*Like many shooting enthusiasts, the Nosler family has always dreamed of introducing a rifle cartridge to the industry; that time is finally here with the arrival of the 26 Nosler. The goal of the 26 Nosler cartridge was to introduce something to the shooting sports industry that took full advantage of technology available to shooters including the advance of optics, reticle systems and of course high Ballistic Coefficient (B.C.) bullets. The 26 Nosler cartridge was designed to take advantage of the inherently accurate and high B.C. 6.5mm (.264) caliber bullets, and is capable of shooting a 129 grain bullet at a blazing 3400 fps out of the muzzle. Zeroed at 350 yards, the 26 Nosler has a Point Blank Range of 0-415 yards. Loaded with the 129gr the 26 Nosler retains as much velocity at 400 yards as the 260 Remington produces at the muzzle. The 26 Nosler case is non-belted, thus headspaced off of the shoulder to further enhance accuracy. The ?26? also utilizes a standard (30-06) length action meaning shorter bolt-throw and lighter weight than magnum length actions. ?I really feel the 26 Nosler has great value amongst the large family of 6.5mm cartridges. With minimal recoil, tremendous velocity, energy and the ability to point and shoot at the intended target up to a quarter mile away, this is the quintessential deer, antelope and long-range target cartridge available on the market today.? ?Bob Nosler, CEO/President Nosler, Inc. The 26 Nosler is a unique cartridge that was submitted to SAAMI in June, 2013. Brass is only available through Nosler. Forming the cases actually takes 14 steps to form 26 Nosler brass from 7mm RUM brass.

See 26 Nosler SAAMI Drawing [PDF]


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