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RCBS Group B Pistol Dies/Roll Crimp w/steel sizer Reloading Dies are the best in the world and the standard for the industry. The following is a list of standard dies that are carried by RCBS in-stock and are normally in our stock at all times. These dies use the original design steel sizer die. 3 die sets consist of a sizing/decapping die, expander die, and a seating/crimp die.Stocking levels subject to change – call for current inventory (530) 534-1210
ROLL CRIMPING is primarily used for revolver pistols using copper-jacked bullets with a cannelure groove or lead-cast bullets – which headspaces on the rim on the cartridge.

See Reference Section for Group B Dies [PDF] (see HDS Catalog page 74-76)

44 Rem. Mag / 44 Special DISCONTINUED – 2014
44-40 Winchester (lead bullet)*
44-40 WCF (jacketed bullet)*
45 Colt DISCONTINUED – 2014
480 Ruger / 475 Linebaugh
500 S&W

(*) See Reference Section for Die Description
Discontinued items are still available in carbide variation. See link below.

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Weight 1.5 kg
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44-40 Winchester (lead bullet), 44-40 WCF (jacketed bullet), .44 Mag/.44 Spec, .45 Colt, .480 Rugre/.475 Linebaugh


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