Hand Case Neck Turner – with Case Holder


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The RCBS Hand Case Neck Turner is designed to”peel” the brass from the outside of your case necks to a consistent thickness. Most commercially available brass has variances in the case neck thickness. This leads to case neck concentricity and bullet runout issues. Truing up the neck cases produces more consistent and accurate hand loaded ammunition. The cutter portion uses caliber specific pilot/mandrels (sold separately) to guide the case neck. The cutter design features the ability to ‘zero’ the cutter to the pilot/mandrel and then use the micrometer adjustment to dial the desired case neck thickness in .0005 increments. The cutter can also be set for right or left handed use.

The Quick Change Case Holder has many advantages over the competition. Most other units use “tap wrench” design to hold cartridge cases. Though this is great for threading holes with a self feeding tap, it does nothing to feed your case neck to the cutter. The RCBS Quick Change Case Holder features an ergonomic design that allows you to rotate the case AND put forward pressure to feed the case neck to the cutter. The quick case change feature helps to speed up the process without having to use small, obtrusive thumbscrews.

Extra case holders can be ordered separately (#10-90402).

FEATURES & BENEFITS * Micrometer Adjustment .0005
* Ability to ‘Zero’ the cutter to pilot/mandrel
* Right or Left Handed Use
* Ergonomic Case Holder
* RCBS Lifetime Warranty

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