Quick Change High Capacity Powder Measure



The RCBS High Capacity Quick Change Powder Measure offer the ability to dispense large rifle charges of up to 240 grains of smokeless powder. The HCQCPM features metering assemblies that change out with the pull of a pin. Extra metering assemblies can be purchased to have them preset for your favorite charges. The drain attachment empties the powder hopper without the need to remove it from the stand or press. NOTE: Do NOT use with black powder!

Features & Benefits
– Improved performance and convenience for dispensing large rifle charges
– 2-pound powder hopper capacity
– Cast Iron Body
– Metering assemblies handle charges from 5 to 240 grains
– Drain attachment empties the hopper quickly
– NOT for use with Black Powder
– RCBS Lifetime Warranty

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Additional information

Weight 4.06 kg


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