RCBS Ultrasonic/Rotary Case Cleaning Solution Concentrate 32 oz Liquid


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Features Works with Rotary Style and ultrasonic cleaners Non-corrosive and Non-combustable, making it safe and easy to use One quart of concentrated solution makes 10 gallons of cleaning mix Comes with a built in measuring cup for a precise pour The RCBS Ultrasonic/Rotary Case Cleaner is the perfect cleaner for the reloader looking to clean their brass with ultrasonic cleaning solutions. This 32 oz. bottle of concentrate will make up to 10 gallons of case cleaning solution and can be used in any ultrasonic case cleaner. This cleaner is specially formulated to remove carbon buildup, metal oxides and tarnish from brass cases. Ultrasonic cleaners clean the inside and outside of cartridge cases and even clean the dense build-up of carbon in the primer pockets (when primers are removed prior to cleaning). The formula is non-corrosive, non-combustible and is shipped in a nice thick plastic bottle that has a built in measuring cup. Use: Designed for use in any Ultrasonic Cleaner Notes: 1 quart makes up to 10 gallons of case cleaning solutions Ultrasonic case cleaning cleans brass cases, it does not polish them. To get a nice bright shine on cases, they will need to be polished after the ultrasonic case cleaning process


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