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Simple operation- no complex or automated processes. You have complete control over every reloading step. May be operated in progressive or single-stage mode.

In the progressive mode, output can be increased from 50 to 200 loaded rounds per hour. Or, if preferred, the press can be used as a single-stage press and load cases in the batch mode.

Rugged, cast iron frame, toggle block and turret head. Heavy-duty construction to minimize springing. Detent on Turret Head for positive alignment. Standard 7/8?-14 threads for most popular reloading dies and accessories. Six-Station Turret Head allows many combinations in the mounting sequence of dies and powder measure permits two or more calibers to be set up at the same time. Turret Head held in place by one bolt for quick, easy change-overs. Turret Pin Assembly (provided for turret head removal and installation) and Ball Handle Assembly may be positioned for right or left-hand use. Standard Shell Holders slip into press ram and are securely held in place by a clip spring.

Primer Plugs and Sleeves are supplied for seating large and small primers. Primers are seated away from stacked primers. Safety tube included. The Primer Catcher eliminates spent primers on floor?snaps off for easy emptying. Baked epoxy finish for quick, easy cleaning, chip and fade resistant. (Dies and Accessory Base Plate not included).

NOTE: We highly recommend the optional Uniflow Powder Measure (#10-9010) with Case Activated Linkage Kit (#10-98911), for use on the Turret Press (sold separately).

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